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I can’t let the day go by without thanking you and your family for what you have done for our friends. You have made them feel very comfortable at a very stressful time. Fran and I are so glad you could make time in your schedule to do this. Thank you so very much, we have nothing but high regards and praise for Urge To Purge, you make us feel part of the family.

Rock and Fran


Hi Lynn,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for yesterday. You and your crew were absolutely amazing and we rocked it! Had a great nights sleep but was exhausted when I woke up…but that didn’t stop me. Got quite a bit accomplished again today. Keeping the momentum going.

Again, thank you so much. You are an amazing go-getter and inspiration to everyone you help. Looking forward to setting a date to get the garage & shed done.

-Hugs, Geri


Hi Lynn and Mark and The Guys!

I just wanted to say Thank you again for yesterday. I slept well for the first time in months, my shoulders feel lighter. After you left yesterday I just kept walking thru the basement amazed at its emptiness. Thank you for your hardwork and staying past the estimated time. Best money ever spent……I have been singing your praises to everyone and will continue to do so!

-Cheers, Ellen R


Our family wishes to thank you profoundly for helping us out with Thursday’s move. We were in a desperate situation to move our stepfather immediately and you rearranged time in your schedule to accommodate us.

We will be in touch again with you in the near future to assist us in cleaning out the rest of the house. We might wait until the fall to move ahead with this plan.

Thank you again for your services, which you delivered with grace and professionalism.

-The Husack Family


I would like to thank you all for the amazing, over the top job you did, and for how caring you all were after my “black ice tumble.” That caliber of workmanship is very very difficult to find these days. Without all of you I would have been unable to move by the date set previously. You have a customer for life, so to speak. Words really can’t express the relief felt.

After using the service three times, it has only improved each time. It comes with the highest recommendation from our family.

-Diana D


It is rare indeed to come across businesses that provide everything their websites purport to provide…plus so much more! Urge to Purge is a moving company with a heart of gold…. a caring, professional, efficient entity that takes wonderful care of every aspect of a move including the usually stressed out client who’s actually moving.

Having to move my father first to a retirement home and not too long afterwards over time into an old folks facility in another city, was quite a stressful experience. Thankfully a recommendation led me to these exceptional people who made the whole experience positive and meaningful. They were there generously helping me with everything even beyond my two moves, with cheer and good humour and coffee.

Always there when I needed them!

The ethos and success of this company of course emanates from the people who run Urge to Purge, Lynn Melloni and her son Mark. Efficient and professional, these natural leaders are filled with integrity and caring for others. And their generosity spreads to so many less fortunate in their community.

Indeed these two are very special and dedicated people! And their company and their employees are first rate! I completely endorse this company for its excellence and professionalism.

-Wayne B


The dedicated team at Urge to Purge helped to make the move out of our home of 57 years seamless and low stress. Mark, Lynn and the whole team were always professional, caring and had a constant eye to details. My family would recommend them without hesitation to anyone facing a move, downsizing, de-cluttering or needing assistance with personal possessions or those of a loved one. Urge to Purge made a potentially stressful process straightforward and easy. They are a fantastic group of people!

– Sue F


Mark and the team at Urge to Purge have been a huge help to me. During a busy move, the team came to my home to complete a dump run and came to my new home to do the same after I moved in. The guys at Urge to Purge were there in a heartbeat to help and exuded a great deal of professionalism. Thanks for all your help!

– Ash F


To the Melloni family, Junior, Senior, Lynn, Nate, Parfait, James & Carly,

You have made this experience for Rick & I a very positive one. You are true professionals but mostly you are a kind & loving & caring bunch. Many, many thanks for everything you did for us.

With utmost respect,
Rick & Deb B


Dear Urge to Purge,

Thank you very much for the great job that you did cleaning my family room carpets and furniture. I also really appreciate the advice your staff gave to me on helping me to better organize my family room. It looks and feels like everything is brand new. Your staff were very courteous and polite and explained everything about the cleaning products and processes that they were going to use before they started. I would recommend your service to anyone wishing to have their carpets and furniture cleaned. You did an awesome job. Thanks again and all the best.

Margaret P


Recently we came across a situation where a relative was discovered to be a hoarder. This was not a mild case by any means, but involved 3 to 4 years of accumulated beer cans, garbage (including rotten food both on the floors and in refrigerators, freezers, stove, etc.), and animal and human waste. To try and describe the conditions in words would be next to impossible.

After examining a number of options, we hired Urge to Purge to clean out the house, salvaging what could be saved in the way of solid wood or metal items that could be washed down and disinfected. Everything else, including appliances, bedding, upholstered furniture, clothes, etc. was removed and taken to the dump. The estimate to complete this task, along with doing a preliminary washing down of the walls, ceilings, and floors and cleaning of any salvaged items was about 3 days with a crew of 8 people. It took about an extra 4 hours above the estimate, in large part because of what was discovered to be necessary once the job as started, and the work was superb. We were extremely pleased, not only by the amount of work done but by the care the whole crew took to “do it right”. In addition, the honesty and reliability shown by everyone was beyond reproach.

We would highly recommend Urge to Purge to anyone who has a removal task to be done, whether a simple downsizing or a major cleanup such as ours.

– J & G M


My thanks to Lynn and Mark and the UTP team. We planned on four hours with a six-person team to pack up some of my son’s belongings (he left them behind when he moved to Calgary!), move furniture around to new locations in the house, sort items and furniture for donation, pack up my tool cupboard, tidy the garage etc! This team was well organized and efficient and had the job done in two and a quarter hours! I was thrilled! They were pleasant to work with and focussed and efficient. Mark brought me some bins to pack my son’s things and garbage and recycling bags – everything they needed! We were able to send a van load for donation and the team was very conscious about what could be recycled which is really admirable. There were things I would have just sent to the dump, but they wouldn’t let me do that! It was a great experience and I can recommend Urge to Purge without hesitation. It was money and time well spent and gave me a grip on the next step of getting my home settled – minus all the stuff we were able to donate and recycle! Thanks so much to Mark, Lynn and their team of wonderful young people who work with them.

– Susan S


Mark we greatly appreciated your Professionalism and that of your guys and Lynn. You can be assured we will not hesitate to recommend your Company to all our friends. Please pass on our appreciation to the whole crew.

Again, thank you,
Fran & Rock


With the recent passing of my father it was necessary to retain Urge to Purge to clear out the house which my parents had owned for close to 60 years. We attempted to do this task on our own but were overwhelmed by the extent of the items which needed to be removed. The crew arrived on time and ready to work. They carried out their tasks in a highly efficient manner and were able to clear away the clutter much faster than anticipated. Items that were suitable were donated to charities and it was nice to receive an email from one of the recipients of this charity. I would highly recommend this company.

Best Regards
Greg O


I knew it was bad when I started referring to the basement and art room as “the cesspool”. I could make no rhyme or reason of anything in these rooms, with stuff piled high and strewn all over, and this began affecting how I felt about even being in my house. It certainly didn’t feel like home. Lynn and her crew really saved the day, and my sanity! They were compassionate, empathetic and went above and beyond my expectations. They’ve done their research on how environment affects emotions, health and well-being and it really shows in their personal touch and their dedication to making a house feel like a home again. Thank-you to Lynn and Mark and everyone on the crew!

– Carrie B


The task of decluttering my basement and downstairs was overwhelming. The Urge to Purge team came in and took away the anxiety I was feeling. They worked with me on a budget, worked very hard during the time they were here, and were just, overall, wonderful! It wasn’t like working with a professional company, but like spending the day decluttering with friends and family. Thanks so much everyone, for all the help. My house looks great now, thanks to you!

– Amy G


Well we purged the house and now it seems so open and nice not to see the clutter and boxes everywhere of stuff we didn’t need but didn’t have the time to go through and throw out. With a team of 5 people and a whole day Lynn and her team of 5 workers did a thorough job of cleaning up and helped me to get over the anxiety of having people helping me or even coming over because of the embarassment of having such a cluttered house. Some of the stuff was disposed of and some things were donated. During the whole day Lynn and her team kept up the spirits and were energetic.(If only I have that much energy when I get to Lynn’s age..what a blessing). Mark was also great in making plenty of runs to the dump…you don’t realize how much junk you really have until your driveway is filled with all the unnecessary items that are no longer of use to you. I would recomend Urge to Purge for anyone that needs to declutter years of boxes and things that have no use anymore…don’t be afraid of asking for help. I had that anxiety of letting anyone in my house to help but I finally had to take the chance and it was a great experience and my kids are now inviting their friends over and there is room to move about. Thanks goes to Mark, Lynn and their team of hardworking employees!!!

– Lisa R


Good Morning Mark & Lynn,

I cannot thank you enough for the things that you gave me for this young lady. I contacted Marian (the lady from the Church). I am going to meet her at the Church hall on the way home from work tonight to drop off the items. I am so thrilled.

What a service UTP provides…absolutely incredible. You help people through a difficult process and help others in need (as yesterday) and you help the environment by keeping perfectly good things out of the landfills! Your team puts their hearts and souls in to this company…I know that.

– Kelly D


My experience with Urge to Purge was great. They exceeded my expectations on what they would be doing at my home. They were professional, organized and reliable. I am in the process of down sizing and needed to purge my home. They came in with a team of friendly workers and did an amazing job. They left the house as clean as it was when they arrived. Thank you Urge to Purge for all your help.

-Diane P


Hi Mark & UTP staff,

I want to thank you so much for your help with my garage. I am so excited to finally use my garage for my car. Words can’t express how happy I am that I called Urge to Purge – my garage is organized and clutter free. It makes me happy that your company recycles everything and donates everything that I didn’t need anymore. You and your staff came in and within 1 day I had my garage back. I was so impressed with UTP’s work ethic and motivation to get the job done. I would recommend UTP to everyone – no job is too big or too small for this crew. UTP has changed the way I now view my “space”. My Christmas shopping is already done as all my family and friends will be getting UTP gift certificates and will be able to start the New Year off clutter free.

Lots of hugs and best wishes,
Angela S


Mark, Lynn and the Urge to Purge Team,

After a relative passed away unexpectedly we were faced with the overwhelming task of clearing out and cleaning up a very cluttered home. We quickly realized that this situation was beyond our capabilities. Urge to Purge came to our rescue and within a two day period cleaned out the residence to our specifications. Neighbours commented about how efficiently the crew from Urge to Purge worked. We appreciated supporting a local company and having face to face conversations with Mark, Lynn and the crew. It was such a relief to be able to trust Urge to Purge to deal with the chaos, allowing us to focus on the other aspects of settling the estate.

-Gerry and Brigitte


Mark, Lynn and the Urge to Purge Team,

I want to thank you again for working with me to declutter my home and reclaim my space. As you know, I was overwhelmed and a bit nervous. You were all so professional and caring that what I expected to be an ordeal turned out to be incredibly freeing and rather fun. You were all wonderful to work with. Thank you, I love my home again!

Embrace life!

-Andi M


Beyond my expectations… the Urge to Purge Team have achieved excellence in my opinion. They are kind, non-judgemental, respectful, down to earth people who work so hard it is amazing to witness and they are just a pleasure to have around. Their being here was like a big HUG, thank you for helping me “let go” of what was crowding my basement 🙂

-Lynn R


Hi Mark,

A quick note to tell you how impressed we were with the fabulous service we received from your company. My 82 year old mother is in the process of preparing her house to sell (after living there for 53 years). We were overwhelmed with the thought of purging all of the things that collect in the basement and garage over the years. You and your team came in, gave guidance, were extremely efficient, and made the daunting task effortless.

My mom said that was the best money she ever spent. I have already told my friends about your company and would gladly provide you with a glowing reference when required.

Kindest regards,
Cindy N


Dear Lynn and Mark
(& Urge to Purge Staff)

Thank you for your recent help and assistance in organizing an overwhelming amount of work that faced our family in recent weeks.

Emptying a portion of our home which had been lived in by my parents became a daunting task which we thought as a family we could under take ourselves. After a few meager attempts we soon learned we needed a professional agency like yours to assist us.

You quickly got us on track and with compassionate and patience organized what seemed to be a life time of storage boxes, closets and mementos that we could possibly have not been able to handle ourselves.

The assistance you gave in removing things to charitable organizations that needed these items far more than we did was also a very gratifying experience. Mark Melloni took delicate care in handling all of the furniture.

Your referral to the experts to value some of our items was very helpful and proved to be profitable also. I am now living in an organized space and have uncluttered my home as we move forward to make decisions. You were professional, helpful, and gained our trust immediately with your level of confidentiality and service.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company for anyone. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you from my entire family.

-Donna M


I would like to take the time to talk about my experience with Urge to Purge. My time spent with the employees at UTP was terrific. They were all very thoughtful and kind. They worked efficiently and effectively and after the project my stress level went down. They even picked me up when I didn’t have access to a ride! I especially liked the respect they showed me towards the privacy with regards to my personal boxes. They were very sensitive to my needs. They are terrific people to work with. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I would recommend their services to anyone young or old.

Dorothy M


I was pleased with the quality of service received from Mark Melloni’s U.T.P (Urge To Purge) business.

Mark was very helpful in selling some of my possessions before the actual move. I also wanted to give some household objects to charity and Mark arranged for pick-up by the various charities.

Mark Melloni and staff did an excellent job of packaging my art work and other delicate objects before the move.

The actual move was performed with professionalism and courtesy.

Kudos to Mark and his staff of U.T.P for a job well done.