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Mark Melloni had a successful corporate career but didn’t feel fulfilled. He was inspired by his mother, however, who taught him to love people and what he had, instead of focusing on things and money.


From this inspiration, Mark decided to start a business to help others. Urge to Purge began as a simple decluttering business aimed at helping others, and Mark’s e orts soon extended far beyond decluttering. They evolved to support the wellness of their clients as well as the members of Niagara communities.

Lynn and Mark now employ a full compliment of trades people from Welland that can clean, restore, and rebuild any space. In this way they o er employment to local people in need of work and support the greater community.

They also employ individuals from Community Living in an attempt to reduce stigma and restore dignity to those employee’s lives. Mark and Lynn also support Goodwill, Community Living, Rose City Kids, and other organizations and individuals in need. They donate household items from decluttering to reinvent homes. They also restore living spaces for seniors and hoarders that cannot properly care for them to improve their quality of life and preserve their dignity.

Mark and Lynn, and their team, are passionate, respectful, and dedicated to helping their clients and the community. Thank you Lynn and Mark for all you do to support Niagara’s communities.